August 22nd, 2011


Although I wouldn’t describe this as a simple recipe, it isn’t too advanced and it is divided among two days so the work load is spread out. I like a recipe where you do a little work one evening, then spend the following day at the beach getting a nice burn on your bottom (true story) and come home to finish up the baking.  Then try to get a decent photo in the evening.  Then the good part, eating deliciously rich buttery slices of bread. 

Although I’ve spent plenty of time baking loaf after loaf of bread at bakeries, I’ve never made brioche before.  So happy to have tried it and been successful.  This is definitely a recipe to put a star next too. 

I’m saving half of the dough to make a different treat (if all goes well, I’ll post it in a few days).  Find this recipe over on Tea and Scones and bookmark it.