June 11th, 2011

Berry & Brown Sugar Plain Cake

I’m a little delayed in getting to this recipe.  I could offer excuses if you would like them:

1. Too hot to turn the oven

2. Too busy with life in general

3. Way too much So You Think You Can Dance to catch up with

Or we could just talk cake.  The simplest recipes are always the best, right? Although the method to this cake isn’t exactly simple (egg whites separated and later mixed back in) it isn’t crazy difficult either.  Really the taste is so simple and satisfying.  Which is nice because you don’t feel guilty eating this as a little snack here and there through out your day.  I’ve had the most boring breakfasts all week long (Friday morning was stale baguette) and this cake is sure to liven up breakfast for the next few days. 

The recipe as written and found on Cindy’s blog, is made with blueberries.  I found some nice raspberries and blackberries at the market and went with that.  Have a nice weekend.