June 1st, 2011

National Running Day & Mac n’ Cheese

Happy National Running Day! I started running about 10 years ago as I was leaving college and needed to stop living the college life style.  I hated running for the first couple of years.  I was bad at it, it was difficult, and I looked like a fool when doing it.  I still look like a fool and I’m not a particularly good runner but I finally really love it.  For the most part, I look forward to long weekend runs.  No music, just outside exploring the towns around me.  This past weekend I did the Run to Remember through Boston and Cambridge and that gets me started on training for the Chicago Marathon in October.  The race was tough, with lots of humid weather, but it served its purpose in motivating me to train smarter. 

Unfortunately, marathon training does not mean eating a ton of carbs all day long (at least for me).  I trained for my first marathon and didn’t really lose weight because I told myself, “you ran X miles today, Spike, eat whatever you want”.  Not good.  The second marathon training helped big time with weight loss (hello intuitive eating).  Speaking of carbs, I did recently try Mark Bittman’s cauliflower mac n’ cheese.  You replace a good portion of the cheese with pureed cauliflower.  I enjoyed the recipe, although it is a far cry from real mac and cheese.  Still a good recipe and process for getting extra veggies in.  Here’s the recipe