April 2nd, 2013

Rustic Potato Loaves


I bought a loaf of white bread from the supermarket last week and it was so awful, I threw out my toast one morning. Half of the loaf is still sitting on the counter, fully ignored after this wonderful potato bread recipe came into my life. 

This recipe is very forgiving, I left the first rise going way too long as we ran to the vet with the doggy (he’s doing much better now, but there’s nothing like a 170 lb dog that can’t use his back legs). The dough still made the second rise and had the nicest texture. Ed made us some chicken, bacon, avocado sandwiches on the bread for dinner and they were gone in about 2 minutes flat. 

Russet potatoes were buy one get one at the store, so I’ll be making this recipe again and again over the next few weeks. This is a recipe to bookmark. Find it on Dawn’s blog Simply Sweet.