April 4th, 2011

A Kind of Ice Cream Thing

So, this week’s recipe was for an almond coffee tart.  I had three containers of half-eaten non-coffee ice cream in the freezer and a large bag of pecans.  I set out to make something just slightly (mostly) different. 

I heard the crust on this recipe gets quite frozen and hard, and I mentioned to the Dude that I was thinking about just breaking up the crust as topping.  He suggested (and offered his) thin mints for the crust.  It was fitting as there was thin mint ice cream in the freezer. So I blitzed up half a cup of pecans with about 5 thin mints and mixed in two table spoons of melted butter.  Baked up the crust in a mini pie pan for just a few minutes. 

As soon as it was cool enough to not completely melt the ice cream, I smashed in the thin mint ice cream and served it up for my friend Katy and myself while we started Alias S4.  The crust was soft and nutty with a touch of chocolate mint.  Overall pretty successful for being thrown together in two shakes.