November 24th, 2011

Chocolate Pecan Pie Squares

I usually make a chocolate pecan pie for Thanksgiving but this year I decided to go with squares.  For some reason, I thought these might be easier to cut and serve than pie.  They weren’t.  Perhaps I should have lined the dish so I could have easily lifted them out.  Wish I had thought of that sooner. 

The base is a shortbread type dough from barefoot contessa.  Her pecan square recipe (with this base) is here.  It is really really bad for you.  Really.  So I made half the base and pressed it into my dish, then partially baked it.  I made Dorie Greenspan’s favorite pecan pie filling (found here) and added a bit more chocolate.  Poured that on top of the cooled base and then plopped it back into the oven to set.  ta da.  The bars were rich as pecan pie should be (but not too rich, as with the insane barefoot butter usage). 

The rest of the desserts today include bourbon apple pie and crispy cornflake cookies (OMG).  Recipes over the weekend.  Hope you are having a lovely thanksgiving!